Ms. Rose Parekh » Bio


Rose Parekh teaches Honors Biology and Introduction to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) at SMCHS. Rose graduated summa cum laude from Mills College with a bachelor’s degree in Biology, where she was elected to the Phi Beta Kappa honors society and received the college’s Prize for Distinction in the Life Sciences. Rose was awarded a fellowship to complete her secondary credential coursework at UCLA.

Within education Rose is committed to a relationship of mutual respect between teachers and students, and believes that knowing each student individually is vital to a meaningful and successful experience in the classroom. Rose loves doing projects with her classes in which students synthesize information and develop original ideas while exploring their interests (such as computer animation, filmmaking, painting, or 3-D rendering). She is excited to put SMCHS’ new makerspace to use this year! Prior to teaching at SMCHS, Rose spent many years as a stay-at-home mom, freelance writer and editor, and dedicated parent volunteer at her children’s school.

As an educator Rose’s goal is to always help students reach their highest potential, whether that means solidifying steps in solving word problems or comprehending advanced biology topics. Ensuring that every student knows how to think like a scientist, and can then apply that process to questions in society is another central goal in all of Rose’s classes.

As an educator here at SMCHS, Rose strives to ensure that students feel known and cared for as an individual person, are presented with a variety of engaging teaching methods, and are learning material that is appropriately differentiated for them. Equally important to Rose is that her students see themselves and others as loved children of God, recognizing that human value is not derived from material possessions, test scores or college acceptances. SMCHS is a multifaceted family where students from all grades and interests know and respect each other. Rose brings a listening ear to this family and injects a love of science and its processes into the daily life of the community.