Mr. Grant Conboy » Bio



Grant Conboy is the Visual Arts Teacher here at SMCHS. In this role, Grant teaches all aspects of the visual arts, including Illustration, Photography and Ceramics. Grant is a qualified instructor and holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in Painting from Academy of Art Architecture and Design in Prague, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration from the Rhode Island School of Design Within education Grant is a big believer in the enhancement of a student’s perception of the world around them, and supports the creative process through hands-on learning. Prior to starting his tenure as visual arts teacher at SMCHS, Grant spent 4 years as a Primary School teacher in Istanbul, and a freelance illustrator.

As and educator, Grant’s goal is to always inspire students to vanquish their insecurities and  bravely pursue their muse. Drawing on many years experience in the field of education, Grant now focuses mainly on bolstering confidence in creativity and aiding in the individual needs of each student.

As an educator here at SMCHS, Grant always strives to ensure that students learn by doing. SMCHS is a unique community, in which students have the space to grow and challenge themselves, and teachers are able to inspire and guide them through that challenge. No matter the career path our students’ may pursue, Grant is there for them. Creative problem solving and thoughtful personal critique are a part of every art and design course at SMCHS. These skills over four years translate into college ready Seniors, able to create new ideas and solutions and fix the problems that come their way.