Mr. Nathaniel Albers » Bio


Nathaniel Albers is the Chemistry teacher here at SMCHS. In this role, Nathaniel teaches all aspects of chemistry, including reaction chemistry, thermodynamics and gas laws. Nathaniel is a qualified educator and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering and a Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering from New York University. Within education, Nathaniel is a big believer in everyone deserving an education, and supports the opportunities to learn and grow through Catholic education for students from all backgrounds.

Prior to starting his tenure as a chemistry teacher at SMCHS, Nathaniel spent 3 years as a STEM educator for NYU’s K-12 STEM Center where he successfully developed curricula implemented into various New York City school in the areas of Robotics and general STEM topics.

As an educator, Nathaniel’s goal is to always inspire students to take on challenges in all their experiences and not be afraid of failing. Drawing on several years of experience in the field of education, Nathaniel now focuses mainly on helping students recognize their interests going forward into college and create plans on how to reach their goals.

As an educator here at SMCHS, Nathaniel always strives to ensure that every student feels that they are being heard and firmly believes that any student can succeed with the community apparent at SMCHS.  Every year, SMCHS continues to grow and offer more and more opportunities for students to follow in the fields in which they are interested in order to achieve a successful high school experience.