Mr James Spellman » Bio


Welcome, and thank you for visiting our school. I am James Spellman, the Principal here at SMCHS, my home away from home and a place I love going to each day. What drives me as an educator is to build community spaces where every student is valued, seen, and becomes a self-directed learner through intentional program design and development of their learning experience.

My career in education started over twenty years ago in the Bronx, N.Y teaching Social Studies and coaching soccer. I loved teaching and learning new things about my students and their families so I could best serve them. That love of teaching and learning, along with being the father of two boys with learning differences, has shaped the type of teacher I would become and ultimately the kind of principal I strive to be. Partnering with parents, I believe every child can and will succeed when surrounded by passionate, caring, and skilled teachers, counselors, coaches and administrators committed to knowing the students and the families they serve.

When I interview prospective students I always ask them “what makes you smile? What gets you out of bed in the morning?” For me, besides of course my family and loved ones, is meeting people and learning new things. Talking with people and listening to their story brings me great joy and I hope one day to hear yours. 

Until that day, good luck and God bless!