Mr. Paul Fischer » Bio


Paul Fischer is teaching the Physics and AP Physics 1 courses here at SMCHS for his third consecutive year.  He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics with a Minor in Applied Mathematics from Loyola Marymount University.  Within Physics Education, Paul is a big believer in hands-on experience that prepares his students with the skills they would need to hit the ground running as a science or engineering major in college. 

Prior to starting his work at SMCHS, Paul spent five years as an independent math and science tutor, the last year of which he worked concurrently as the official Physics tutor employed by Loyola Marymount University.  His undergraduate thesis involved doing research on the correlation between the vocabulary of Physics exam problems and student response scores.

As an educator, Paul understands that his classes are famously difficult, and makes time to use his years of tutoring experience to provide individual attention to students to probe their conceptual understandings of the material before he moves on with the curriculum to prevent students from being able to fall through the cracks.

As an educator here at SMCHS, Paul always strives to ensure that students have a practical understanding of not only the physics concepts but also how to engineer projects that apply them to real world situations.  He wants to make sure that students who leave his class will have a competitive resume of relevant experience when applying to college as a science or engineering major.