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Welcome to "Mr. Rod's" website I currently teach 10th grade World History and 11th grade U.S. History have been a teacher for a total of 41 yrs  and have taught at SMCHS for the last 31 yrs. My first job as a teacher was for LAUSD as a long term Substitute in the South Central area. I had been the Girls Softball coach for 26 yrs retiring from coaching in 2013. I was also the Athletic Director from 1987 to 1990. I served as the Chairman of the Social Studies Department from1990 to 1993. I am a proud graduate of  St.Mo's.

I found myself returning to St. Monica's to give back to the place where my life was changed I have a deep sense of passion for what I do and especially for the students. They are the reason I teach. I majored in History with a concentration in Chicano Studies recieving my B.A and credential from CSUN.

I was born in Santa Monica raised in West Los Angeles, Culver City and Venice. I am grateful to my parents for the education they provided for my brothers and myself. I am especially grateful to "St. Monica" for calling me back and for always watching over me.