Ms. Kate Janson » Bio


Kate Janson is the Director of Visual and Performing Arts and Dean of Students here at SMCHS. In this role, Kate teaches Acting 1, moderates the Drama Club and oversees all aspects of Visual and Performing Arts including directing the theatrical productions. Kate is a qualified in performing arts and holds the  MFA in Media and Performing Arts from the Savannah College of Art and Design.   Within education Kate is a big believer in collaboration, and supports student development.

Prior to starting her tenure as Dean of Students and Director of Visual and Performing Arts at SMCHS, Kate spent many years working in theatre and film and television production.

As and educator Kate’s goal is to always help/inspire students to know that they have a voice and to use it in a profession way. Drawing on 13 years experience in the field of education, Kate now focuses mainly on the arts and administration.

As an educator here at SMCHS, Kate always strives to ensure that students are successful by making choices, taking chances and learning it is okay to make mistakes and growing from them. SMCHS is a family who will always advocate for the students and being a part this understanding allows her to really help students to reach their full potential.