Dr. Sam Poss » Bio


Sam Poss is a math teacher at SMCHS where he teaches Precalculus Honors and AP Calculus AB. Sam holds a Ph. D. in mathematics from New York University’s Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences. He has 25 years of experience teaching mathematics in high school, college and graduate school, including UCLA, UC Berkeley, NYU and University of Washington Seattle. This is Sam’s 13th year at SMCHS, having served the first 10 years as Math Department Chair. Sam’s most satisfying teaching experience has been at SMCHS.


Sam’s primary goals as a teacher are to empower students to do their best, prepare students for college and their coming math and science courses and teach students to use analytic thinking to solve challenging problems. He also seeks to help students appreciate the beauty and versatility of mathematics. Sam’s university teaching experience has been a valuable asset in achieving these goals.


Sam aims to meet each student where the student is, recognizing that each student has individual experiences, temperaments, goals and attitudes. In this way can students reach their full potential.