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Textbooks can be purchased from the provider of your choice. Sources can be identified simply by typing the ISBN into your browser.  It is important to purchase books with the identical ISBN to ensure the correct text.  
  • Textbooks required for each class are list by academic department. On each department page you will find the course title and grade level to the far left of the page.  Some courses require multiple books, so please be sure to check for all of the books under the course in which you are enrolled. 
  • You will note that in some courses, ebooks are required, while in other courses they are optional.  There are some courses for which a book is not required. If a particular course does not have a required text, the course will not be listed. 
Thank you for securing your books in a timely manner. It is important to be prepared on the first day of class.Teachers will provide information regarding other required supplies.