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St. Monica Catholic High School is a college-preparatory, coeducational, parish high school whose mission is to graduate students who embody the Gospel message by the example of their lives, demonstrate intellectual curiosity and academic preparedness for college, cultivate their personal talents and transform the world as responsible citizens and stewards. A total of 260 units are needed for graduation, including religious studies for each semester enrolled in a Catholic high school. Five units of credit are assigned for each semester course successfully completed (2.5 units of credit are assigned for each semester of Christian Service successfully completed) and ten units are assigned for each year course successfully completed. SMCHS graduation requirements meet the UC and CSU admissions requirements. During senior year, all students must complete the application process to a four year college or university in order to qualify for a diploma from St. Monica Catholic High School. For details regarding the specific graduation requirements in each subject area, and a full listing of course offerings, click on the Curriculum Handbook tab.