Athletic Resources

All student-athletes and their parents are expected to abide by the policies outlined in the St. Monica Catholic High School Athletic Handbook. These policies include adherence to the highest standards of sportsmanship, an understanding of the responsibility of serving as a school representative, support of the athletic program, and compliance with all CIF, CAA, league, Diocesan, and school policies. Coaches will also enforce policies in regards to student attendance at practice and games as well as those regarding an athlete’s removal from or decision to quit a team. Excessive unexcused absences or tardies could result in removal from a team. Students and parents are responsible for reporting absences to coaches in advance.
Participating in a sport is a serious commitment made to the school, team, and coach. An athlete’s quitting or being removed from a team disrupts team unity and can possibly deprive another student of the opportunity to participate. Therefore, students quitting or being removed from a team will not be allowed to try out for or participate in another sport during that same season. Student-athletes are provided with a grace period at the beginning of each season to remove themselves from a team without penalty. Any student having a change of heart after quitting a sport may return to the program within a week at the head coach’s discretion. Please refer to the St. Monica Catholic High School Athletic Handbook for a detailed explanation of all athletic policies.
To place your order for the fall Spirit Pack, please print the below order forms (one is for Adidas, one is for Badger). Fill in your name, email and phone number. Circle any desired item and note your size. Your coach will inform you of the deadline to order, and completed forms should be submitted to your coach by that deadline, along with a check made out to SMCHS and your sport in the memo field. Thank you!  
** Note all apparel will display the word "Athletics" under the SMCHS logo. If you would instead like to have your individual team included (for example "Volleyball" or "Cross Country" instead of "Athletics"), please note it next to the item and add an additional $5.00 for each item where you would like your team name included.