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Athletic Philosophy

St. Monica Catholic High School is a coeducational, parish high school that provides a college preparatory curriculum for students of diverse abilities, cultures, and faiths. Guided by gospel values, our school family affirms and respects the dignity of each member of our school community. In collaboration with parents and the parish community, we provide a faith-based education that fosters academic achievement, intellectual curiosity, individual talents, and Christian service.

The SMCHS Athletic Program provides a variety of experiences that enhance the development of favorable habits and attitudes that will prepare students for adult life. Mariner athletes cultivate their personal talents by:
  • possessing a deeper sense of self and true appreciation of their unique gifts
  • leading a healthy lifestyle that results in lifelong physical and emotional well-being
  • creating strong interpersonal relationships through leadership and collaboration
The primary goal of SMCHS Athletics is to assist students in the development of character through their participation in sports. Student-athletes shall learn: 
1. to work with others 
2. to be successful 
3. to develop sportsmanship 
4. to improve their skills
5. to enjoy athletics 
6. to develop desirable personal health habits 

Participation in St. Monica Athletics is not a right of all students, but rather a privilege which is afforded to those selected individuals who possess the ability, attitude, disposition, cooperative spirit, and desire to represent the student body and school community in a manner which reflects favorably upon the reputation of St. Monica Catholic High School.