1:1 Mariner Apple Macbook Program

The Mariner MacBook Program was launched during the 2011-12 school year as an opportunity for St. Monica students to take full advantage of the latest in educational technology.
All students are issued a Macbook Air at the start of their freshman year to be used at home and in the classroom.  
Key elements of the SMCHS Macbook Air program:
Macbook Air computers are leased from the school beginning in the student's freshman year.  All students enrolled at St. Monica Catholic High School are required to participate in the program.  The yearly technology fee for all students varies from year to year, depending on the resources available and the purchase price for devices in any given year.  A one-time insurance fee is charged in the first year of use and provides full coverage for the device insured.

All SMCHS students have signed and agreed to the "1-to-1 MacBook Air Program Computer User Agreement" in the Parent Student Handbook which contains important do's and don'ts about the use of their MacBooks.  All students must have an SMCHS MacBook program Participation and Financial Agreement form on file.