Social Studies Department Philosophy and Goals

The Social Studies program at St. Monica Catholic High School strives to prepare students for a world where change is commonplace and where one’s value system can be affected by social change. The department promotes and emphasizes cognitive and effective objectives creating a structured classroom environment in which students can acquire the skills essential to become conscientious citizens of the global community.


As an approach to this goal, from the use of provocative and varied materials and from a variety of instructional strategies, attention is given to contemporary social issues, geography, global interdependence, political systems, economical systems, the process of globalization, and the political, social, and economic developments around the world. In order to develop moral and social values, emphasis is placed on respect for the basic human rights of each individual. Emphasis is placed on the development of communication skills, research skills, and critical thinking in order to encourage an interest in logical thinking as well as to provide valuable educational tools.


To further prepare our students for higher education, the Social Studies department actively incorporates multiple technologies into each unit of instruction. This innovative pedagogy creates a learning environment that is interactive, and allows students of various abilities to become active members in the learning process. This methodology allows the learning process to continue well after the school day has ended, breaking learning barriers between teachers and students.