English Department Philosophy and Goals

The English Department at St. Monica Catholic High School strives to produce active and independent learners who will succeed in college and compete confidently in the global community. The department provides a progressive curriculum, featuring the study of both the Western Literary Canon and multiculturalism, encouraging creative and critical expression, and emphasizing clear grade level expectations.  

Our curriculum is literature-based. Freshmen master a variety of literary genres, sophomores study British literature and the evolution of the English language, juniors focus on American literature, and seniors learn the various critical theories for unlocking the meaning of literary texts from around the world. Teachers include peer editing, draft revisions, writing portfolios, collaboration, and research projects. The department recognizes that all students must learn to think, read, write, listen, and speak with clarity. We also understand the varying needs, abilities, and aspirations of our school’s diverse student population, adjusting our methods and assessment strategies accordingly.


  • Students master all steps of the writing process to produce final drafts that are organized, concise, and logical.

  • Students develop critical thinking skills in order to synthesize information during class discussions, through research, and through independent projects.

  • Students improve communication skills through active engagement in a variety of activities that honor different learning styles.

  • Students appreciate literature from different traditions through close reading of texts, sharing their cultural heritages, and exploring historical periods.

  • Students actively engage in the learning process, both cooperatively and independently, in preparation for college, the workforce, and the global community.