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Why Should I Give?

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To my fellow Mariners,

I am so happy to be reaching out to our Mariner families, and I am proud to call myself a alumna of our school which has holistically educated me. My last semester at St. Monica has been one to remember.

It is an honor to share with you everything that St. Monica means me. This school has given me the confidence to share my ideas and talents with those around me; I never imagined myself running for ASB President as a freshman, but I am constantly encouraged to push my boundaries. The friends I have made continuously show me the importance of sacrifice, humility, companionship, and hard work. This year, I have worked tirelessly to improve: campus life by creating more involvement; sports through the implementation of student sections; spirit as I cheered as loud as possible at every event; and outreach by telling new people about our great community.

Throughout my four years at SMCHS, I have seen unimaginable improvements in the classroom and on campus. The spirit of giving is instilled in the SMCHS community, and now I am asking for your support. With your donation, we can continue to make SMCHS even better than it has been during my years here. We can fund student programs, give teachers new resources, and so much more. Your generosity gives students the opportunity to become an inspired individual who can make a difference.

Every Mariner thanks you for your commitment!

You are a blessing to our community!

Jessi Stokx
Class of 2018
ASB President
University of Notre Dame, Class of 2022
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