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Class of 1988

Class of 1988
Please update your contact information, or share information about your class, by emailing the Alumni Office at alumni@stmonicahs.net.

The Alumni Office is in need of a graduation photo and a graduation program from the Class of 1988 for its records. If anyone has an original (or copy) please send it to St. Monica Catholic High School, attn: Alumni Office. 

Alumni Class Leader

The Alumni Class Leader program has been established to keep each of the graduating classes connected to St. Monica Catholic High School. The main responsibility of the Alumni Class Leader (ACL) is to serve as a liaison to the Alumni Office and the Alumni Association, and to connect their class to the mission and activities of SMCHS.
Based on information given to the SMCHS Alumni Office, the following member of the Class of '88 has passed away. Please keep this classmate and their families in your prayers:
Renee Shorte
Please notify the Alumni Office immediately if this information is inaccurate.