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Class of 1970

Class of 1970
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Please send address updates, or share information regarding this class, to the Alumni Office at alumni@stmonicafaculty.net.
Reunion Update: 
Reunion Date: Saturday, June 25, 2022 5:00pm to 10:00pm
Location:  Grand Pavilion on the St. Monica Campus 
Updates to follow for other, possible weekend events.
Contact: Larry Boone at (310) 721-7602

Alumni Class Leader
Name: Larry Boone
email: larry.boone@sbcglobal.net
phone: 310-204-1838

Based on information given to the SMCHS Alumni Office, the following members of the Class of '70 have passed away. Please keep these classmates and their families in your prayers:
Eric Bell
Mark Brennan
John Conlin
Donna Gogain
Patricia Jones
Ray Madden
Catherine Wilson Maraio
Marie Mendanca
Tom Muths
Steven Roe
Mark Schlegel
Richard Soppe
Patty Sullivan
Please notify the Alumni Office immediately if this information is inaccurate.