Hall of Fame

2018 Hall of Fame Inductees

Oscar Casillas, M.D. '94

Oscar Casillas, M.D. '94

Sister Dennis McFadden, C.S.J. - faculty member 1992 to 2013

Sister Dennis McFadden, C.S.J. - faculty member 1992 - 2013

Andrew J. Valdivia '77

Gary J. Nitti, M.D. '72

Edward M. Maloney '66


July 6, 2020 Announcement

We are sorry to announce that the 2020 Mariner Hall of Fame, scheduled for this fall, has been cancelled. With the uncertainty surrounding social gatherings, onsite school re-opening, and travel restrictions, we feel this is the most prudent decision. 

All applications submitted for the 2020 Mariner Hall of Fame, as well as any new applications submitted, will be considered for the 2022 Mariner Hall of Fame.

We hope our Mariners are staying safe and look forward to celebrating with you in the future.

St. Monica Catholic High School Hall of Fame
The St. Monica Catholic High School Hall of Fame has two components:
     The Distinguished Mariner Hall of Fame
     The Mariner Athletic Hall of Fame
These places of honor are designed to enhance St. Monica’s rich heritage, spirit and culture, by bringing the great traditions of the past together with the promising hopes and dreams of the future. We feel they provide a needed  means to recognize graduates whose diverse accomplishments are worthy of such an  honor.
1986 Honorees
+John Casey '47;+ Art Verge '47; The Lennon Sisters: Dianne Lennon Gass '57; Peggy Lennon Cathcart '59; Kathy Lennon Daris '61; and Janet Lennon Bahler '64
1987 Honorees
+Sister Mary Faith Clarke, SNJM '46; +Don Bremberg '58; Robert Klein '65
1988 Honorees
John Bambrick '50; Carmen Delgado Diaz '52; +Father William Brelsford - honorary
1989 Honorees
+Jack Penn '44; Sister Dolores Rashford, SNJM '47; Frank Wagner '65; Sister Mary Margaret Mulgrew, SNJM - honorary
1990 Honorees
+Marilyn Hawley Hilton '46; Richard Gass '55; +Monsignor Royale Vadakin '56
1997 Honoree
Sr. Cheryl Milner, SNJM - honorary
2000 Honoree
+Mrs. Marie Gallagher - honorary
2003 Honoree
+Jim Dela Torre - honorary
2008 Honorees
Melissa Foelsch Wells '50; Thomas Rollerson '83
2010 Honorees
The Honorable Victoria Gerrard Chaney '63; Gary J. Nitti M.D., F.A.C.A '72.; Tamara Martinez - honorary
2012 Honorees
Sr. Michaeline Mary Falvey, SNJM - honorary; George Centeno '71
2014 Honorees
Mark Verge '85; Brian Anthony "Tony" Rose - honorary
2016 Honorees
Steven M. Hilton '68, Irma Rodriguez Vargas '72, Ed Archer - honorary
2018 Honorees
Andrew J. Valdivia '77, Oscar Casillas, M.D. '94, and Sister Dennis McFadden, C.S.J. - faculty member 1992-2013
+Deceased honorees
2008 Honorees
Leon Wood '79; Earl Duncan '86; Jason Matthews '87; Michael Wagner '89; Marcelllus Wiley '92; *Matthew Bambrick '93; Adrian Klemm '95; and *Coach Tim Layana
2010 Honorees
1970 and 1971 Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) Girls' Volleyball National Champions; Coach Leo Klemm
2012 Honorees
Frank Cruz '77; *Coach Norm Lacy
2014 Honorees
1956 CIF Championship Boys’ Basketball Team; Danielle Adefeso '01
2016 Honorees
Bob Klein '65, Doug O'Neill '86
2018 Honorees
Edward M. Maloney '66 and Gary J. Nitti, M.D. '72
*Posthumous inductees
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