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Vision, Mission, Philosophy & ISOs

St. Monica High School, inspired by transformative learning experiences, builds pathways to self-discovery and personal empowerment. 
We develop innovative thinkers who become leaders that advocate for a socially just and inclusive society.
St. Monica Catholic High School is a coeducational, parish high school that provides a college preparatory curriculum for students of diverse abilities, cultures, and faiths. Guided by gospel values, our school family affirms and respects the dignity of each member of our school community. In collaboration with parents and the parish community, we provide a faith-based education that fosters academic achievement, intellectual curiosity, individual talents, and Christian service.
Integral Student Outcomes (ISOs)
Mariner graduates Cultivate. Graduates...
  • develop a lifelong commitment to spiritual and intellectual exploration.
  • embrace in a lifelong pursuit of self-discovery, curiosity and personal empowerment.
  • engage in opportunities to expand their understanding of self and others. 
Mariner graduates Collaborate. Graduates...
  • practice a global mindset where diverse ideas, traditions, histories, and cultures are nurtured and valued. 
  • recognize the strength in partnering with others in the scholarly exchange of ideas and beliefs to create innovative solutions.
  • interpret the world with a socially conscious mind and are compelled to action in the service of their local and  global communities. 
Mariner graduates Encourage Belonging. Graduates...
  • use knowledge and life experiences to discover a greater sense of self and become leaders who will improve the world.
  • rooted in their spiritual journey, create communities where all people are recognized as unique creations of God with intrinsic value and dignity.
  • fed by their intellectual curiosity, graduates courageously advocate for marginalized voices and care for all of God's creation.