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Philosophy, Mission & ISOs

St. Monica Catholic High School is a coeducational, parish high school that provides a college preparatory curriculum for students of diverse abilities, cultures, and faiths. Guided by gospel values, our school family affirms and respects the dignity of each member of our school community. In collaboration with parents and the parish community, we provide a faith-based education that fosters academic achievement, intellectual curiosity, individual talents, and Christian service.
Mission Statement
St. Monica Catholic High School is a college-preparatory, coeducational, parish high school whose mission is to graduate students who embody the Gospel message by the example of their lives, demonstrate intellectual curiosity and academic preparedness for college, cultivate their personal talents and transform the world as responsible citizens and stewards.
Integral Student Outcomes (ISOs)
St. Monica graduates will embody the Gospel message by...
  • possessing the foundation to mature in his/her personal relationship with God
  • knowing and appreciating the teachings and traditions of the Catholic faith and respecting other religions
  • promoting a community of faith through prayer, worship, and action
St. Monica graduates will demonstrate academic preparedness and intellectual curiosity by...
  • identifying and solving problems using critical thinking
  • communicating clearly and concisely
  • utilizing technology effectively and ethically
St. Monica graduates will cultivate their personal talents by...
  • possessing a deeper sense of self and true appreciation of his/her unique gifts
  • leading healthy lifestyles that result in lifelong physical and emotional well-being
  • creating strong interpersonal relationships through leadership and collaboration
St. Monica graduates will transform the world as responsible citizens and stewards by...
  • serving the local and global communities through Christian service
  • exhibiting civic involvement
  • making ethical and socially just decisions
  • promoting an inclusive society