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Principal's Message


As we step into a new year here at SMCHS, we are entering a year of change but also one of steadfast perseverance. The responsibility of educating another person’s child is one of immense privilege. This goes hand in hand with our continued dedication to ensuring all our students receive the best education coupled with moral and spiritual guidance so students can go into the world as responsible citizens and stewards. As one walks around our beautiful campus, our mantra of "all are welcome" is palpable and our essential mission alive in our students and faculty.


In 1937, St. Monica Catholic High School opened and began our mission to develop students who embody the Gospel message by an example of their lives while demonstrating intellectual curiosity and academic preparedness for college. Always present in this work is our dedication to cultivating students' talents so that they might transform the world as responsible citizens and stewards. The challenges of the 21st Century are numerous and immense, making our mission as relevant and pressing today as it was during those first years of instruction.


As the leader of St. Monica Catholic High School, I am committed to living this mission and ensuring that our graduates step forward as courageous citizens and faith-filled compassionate leaders. To achieve this goal, all of our students must be placed at the center of learning and challenged to do meaningful work with the knowledge they acquire. Our exemplary teachers trained in the latest best practices are critical in providing our students with the inspiration and instruction necessary to meet their goals. Within the safe and inclusive community of St. Monica High School, I believe that all of our students can and will achieve their highest potential.


We, here at SMCHS, believe that every child is unique, a campus filled with budding engineers, fashion designers, actors, doctors, painters, and entrepreneurs yearning for a place to be themselves and take risks. To support this endeavor, we have expanded on our program of personalized learning. Through flexible scheduling, an “Advisory Program” innovative and authentic learning opportunities, we are making sure that each student’s individualism is celebrated and nurtured. Exam results and a 100% four-year college acceptance rate are just one aspect of SMCHS education; ensuring that students are happy, fulfilled and demonstrating ambition beyond the classroom is another.


Finally this year we are heavily focused on expanding our Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics opportunities, so that our students can draw on their learning experiences and individual talents to create and innovate in the school’s new Maker Space and Digital Design Learning studio.


All of our priorities this year are wholly underpinned by our values, in which we seek a better world by using our talents so that we can collectively thrive. I sincerely look forward to seeing all that this year brings.


It is my pleasure and privilege to serve the St. Monica Catholic High School community. I extend a warm invitation to visit our campus both virtually and in person; I look forward to sharing my vision for the school's future with you.
James Spellman