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My name is Giampiero Sciutto (JP) and I am teaching Conceptual Physics at St. Monica High School.  I was born and raised in Genoa (Italy) where I completed my Master's in applied Physics, specializing in Neutron Physics and did further research in nuclear reactors. I expanded my horizons by taking courses of social sciences, theology, and education at the International Institute Mystici Corporis near Florence (Italy). At that institute, I discovered a powerful drive from within as I reflected on the words of Jesus, "May they all be one" (from the Gospel of John). These words became a powerful drive, a new direction for my actions and beliefs. Living for a more united world has kept me grounded over the years and continues to give purpose to my life.

After completing my studies, I moved to the US and taught computer science at Malden Catholic High School, specifically, computer usage and programming courses in Basic and Pascal! Then, my professional life took an exciting turn with a career on Wall Street, and later in Washington DC as a computer administrator and systems architect, culminating in a technical support role for scientists from the Argonne National lab in Chicago. During those wonderful years, physics became my bread and butter, so to speak, and a scientific mindset was a must.

Upon moving to California, I decided to take a break as I wanted to help my friends by assisting at their family-run pharmacy. I was happy to be able to give them a hand until the opportunity to work at St. Monica’s opened up for me. I am particularly grateful to my mom, a charismatic elementary teacher for some 27 years and to the person I consider as my constant inspiration and spiritual mentor, Chiara Lubich. I’d like to share with you something that Chiara Lubich wrote: "Education can be defined as the itinerary which people (individuals and communities) pursue with the help of one or more educators, moving toward a worthwhile goal benefiting both the individual person and humanity."

This lofty goal, coupled with my passion for Physics, has come alive in an exciting way for me as I begin at St. Monica’s with the desire to help students discern their future and achieve their most noble objectives. Thank you St. Monica for the opportunity to pay-it-forward! When I don't think of physics and/or of my work with the Focolare Movement as co-Director for the Western US and Canada, I find studying chess relaxing and stimulating as well as soccer, making fresh pasta from scratch and taking walks immersed in nature.