Cristina Warner » Bio


Hello Mariners! I am Mrs. Cristina Warner and I teach Spanish in the World Languages Department. I was born in Cuba and studied in Spain for several years, both as a child and during my college years. I’ve always loved the Spanish language, culture, music and art, and I’m very excited to be teaching it again. I have a B.A in Spanish and International Relations from Tulane University, and I have a second B.A. in Music from Bennington College.


I’ve always been an educator and love inspiring students to want to learn. In addition to Spanish, I’ve also taught music, and art history. I’m very curious and hope to spark their curiosity not just about the language, but about the rich and varied Hispanic cultures as well. I use a lot of music in my classes and we do a lot singing, which is a great tool for learning.


In my free time, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, playing music (guitar and piano), and taking my dog to the beach at sunset. I love to travel; I visit my siblings who are all on the east coast as much as I can, and I especially love to go to Spain to spend time with family in small villages and in the country.


I’m excited to get to know all of my students and hope to give them meaningful and enriching experiences in Spanish class.