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Hello hello! My name is Aida Britton, your Geometry, Pre-Calculus Honors, Algebra II Honors and AP Calculus AB/BC teacher. My love for math led me to obtaining my B.S. at UC San Diego and my M.S. at CSU Northridge, both in pure mathematics, with one goal in mind – to teach mathematics.

This year I will also be leading the SMCHS Mathematics Lab. This will be a place for each student to explore his/her math-e-magical mind, help create a strong Mariners math base, and discover what wonders can unfold through the fascinating world of numbers!

I love the mountains, trees, and nature in general. I am fascinated by world cultures and I can speak, read, write, and sing in four languages. I’m also a beginner piano student! Everyday I’m inspired by the works of great authors, the creation of extraordinary artists, and, above all, by my students.