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Class Councils

Junior Class ('21) Council
The Senior Class Council join together to lead the campus as upperclassmen and create opportunities for their classmates to do the same. At the start of the school year, they held "Senior Sunrise" where their class gathered to watch the sunrise while enjoying some pancakes and hot chocolate. Aside from the typical lunch activities and fundraisers, they work as a team to provide the Senior Class with their Senior Privileges, Senior Hoodies, Senior Nights, and more special Senior events.
President: Bridgette R.
Vice President: Aly W.
Secretary: Sarah S.
Treasurer: Monica T.
MAL: Symphany W.
MAL: Jackson R.
Lead Advisor: Mr. Conboy
Junior Class ('22) Council
The Junior Class Council works together to continue to build a bond within their class and lead the campus as new upperclassmen. Aside from the typical class masses, lunch activities, and fundraisers, they also come together to raise money and plan for our epic Junior/Senior Prom!
President: Brooke L.
Vice President: Lauren U.
Secretary: Jessalyn B.
Treasurer: Melanie P.
MAL: Wyatt K.
MAL: Abigail R.
MAL: Tatiana W.
Lead Advisor: Mr. Oliveros
Sophomore Class ('23) Council
The Sophomore Class Council works together to create opportunities for their classmates to get to know each other and build a family. Not only do they decorate their class section during pep rallies, but they also plan class masses, plan fun activities just for their class, and fundraise for the Junior Pinning Ceremony dinner!
President: Shayne M.
Vice President: Dalila P.
Secretary: Liliana O.
Treasurer: Andrew C.
MAL: Nya C.
Lead Advisor: Ms. Tomasetta
Freshman CC
The Freshman Class Council is nominated by their new classmates to lead their class in getting to know one another and meet new people. Coming to a new campus can be intimidating, but these students work together to provide their class with a variety of chances to make new friends while having fun. They also represent the Freshman class and help their classmates' voices be heard.
President: Alishah C.
Vice President: Mateo E.
Secretary: Cassidy H.
Treasurer: Isabella H.
MAL: Matteo C.
MAL: Emily S.
MAL: Nathan W.
MAL: David Z.
Lead Advisor: Ms. Yoshida