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The Associated Student Body (ASB) is voted upon by the student body and an Election Committee. These 11 seniors work together to coordinate all student activities throughout the school year, including, but not limited to, pep rallies, dances, dress-up days, lunch-time activities, & fundraisers. This year, ASB is energized and excited to be back in person to bring to life these typical high school traditions. Check out photos from some of their events throughout the school year.
President: Thomas G.
Vice President: Penny T.
Secretary: Sophie S.
Treasurer: Amanuel F.
Commissioner of Athletics: Mia W.
Commissioner of Clubs & Organizations: Alex B.
Commissioner of Fine & Performing Arts: Isabelle-Marie P.
Commissioner of Publicity: Lesley M.
Commissioner of Social Events: Sophie N.
Commissioner of Social Events: Jonah Z.
Commissioner of Spirit: Sheila C.
President: Zach M.
Vice President: Erin W.
Secretary: Alex C.
Treasurer: Charlie O.
Commissioner of Athletics: Kacey V.
Commissioner of Clubs & Organizations: Matthew D.
Commissioner of Fine & Performing Arts: Brennan G.
Commissioner of Publicity: Spencer W.
Commissioner of Social Events: Dana B.
Commissioner of Social Events: Taylor L.
Commissioner of Spirit: Shelby J.