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EdTech | Bookstore


Please check out our Welcome Letter with full instructions on how to login to your bookstore. Here is a quick video tutorial to get started. Students may purchase the digital or online version of any book if it is available. Ebooks can be accessed on any device with a browser. 

If you have any questions about the Bookstore please contact customer service (email and phone are at the bottom of the welcome letter) or Ms. Nicdao. Please do not purchase books until you have your confirmed course schedule for the 2019-2020 school year with your counselor. If you have any course schedule questions, please contact Dr. McNeal. 

The site will only allow access to student email accounts. 
(first name initial.last name20##@stmonicastudent.net)


Tracking of all serve hours are done by MobileServe.  Please make sure you have an account set up for your Parent Volunteer Hours.  One account is needed per household. 25 Parent Volunteer Hours are needed per family.

Here's your organization’s code for MobileServe:


MobileServe is SMCHS Parent's new impact tracking system. It’s currently accessible from any Internet connected device via App.MobileServe.org, and is currently available on the App store.

Please complete these 4 steps to start tracking your impact!

    1. Sign Up, enter your school’s email address or login through Facebook
    2. Upload your profile picture and affiliate with SMCHS Parents by entering PARENT
    3. Find us on the App Store!
    4. Start volunteering and sharing your story!

Questions? Reach out to Support@MobileServe.org.

In the event your hours served are not recorded or verified, please contact the person who lead your activity.

If you should have questions or need assistance to create your account, please contact  Mrs. Young at ryoung@stmonicafaculty.net or 310-394-3701 x1411.

Parent Volunteer Opportunities