Summer Camp » Visual and Performing Arts Camp

Visual and Performing Arts Camp

Over the course of the week long camp, participants will rotate through each of the workshops described including visual and performing arts.

A Walk on the Wild Side

Lions and Tigers and Glitter- Oh MY! This week is more fun than a barrel of monkeys. Students will experiment with a variety of materials to create their own exciting animal related crafts. Find your “spirit animal” and have a “hoot” along the way!

Monster Party
No need for a night-light, all these monsters want to do is party!  We will work on creating our own custom monsters for you to keep- and a cool story to go along with it. It’ll be a frighteningly good time.

The School of Puppetry
For our more advanced artists, here’s your chance to be a Puppeteer. We will design, sew, construct, and decorate our very own puppets. This workshop is sure to be a blast, no strings attached!
Rise and Shine!
Students will start the day with a stretch and movement class. This class will include various techniques of yoga, pilates, stretch conditioning and dance aerobics to wake the body up and get the blood pumping through their veins. Meditations will also be used to clear the mind and prepares students to focus on the day.

Move and Groove!
Students will learn mixtures of Ballet, Modern, Contemporary and Broadways jazz styles. The Techniques reviewed will be used to combine and create choreography for routines in the final scenes and dance routines performed at the end of the camp.
The Land of Make Belive
(Beginning, Medium and advance courses offered)

This class will cover the basics of creating original improvised theater. Students will learn how to improvise in a believable environment. Create characters, goals, tactics and expectations as you become present, active and alive while listening and speaking. Supporting your partner and identifying building blocks for creating a scene will be emphasized.
• Games and Acting Techniques
• Vocal and Physical Warm Ups

Step into the Spotlight
Learn the basics of auditioning, including monologue work, cold readings skills and presenting your best self in a mock audition for directors.
• Original Monologues
• Character Development
• Vocal and Physical Warm Ups

Illusion Revolution
Let your imagination run wild as you have fun with this hands-on exploration into the world of stage and movie makeup. Daily activities include a variety of themes and styles, including movie makeup, glamour and fashion, scars and special effects, age and character makeup, and even Zombie Day! Students will be taught the fundamentals of makeup, color theory and coordination, safety, sanitation and hygiene, highlights, shading, study of face shapes and bone structure, and much, much more.
DATES: July 16 - July 20

TIME: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

TEACHERS: Grant Conboy, Jessica Clark and Kate Janson

LOCATIONS:  Art rooms, Dance Studio, Auditorium

COSTS: $250.00

Campers should bring a lunch box meal and water bottle.