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Summer Camp

St. Monica Catholic High School (SMCHS) Summer Enrichment Camp offers participants the opportunity to experience our excellent programs in visual and performing arts, robotics, and athletics.

SMCHS Summer Enrichment Camp is divided into three different areas: Summer Arts, Robotics, and Mariner Sports. Students who enroll in Summer Arts will have a week long immersive experience in Visual Arts and Performing Arts. Students who enroll in Robotics will engage in interactive, hands-on, collaborative projects. Students enrolled in Mariner Sports will participate in a week long camp with each day focusing on a specific sport. During free time, students can hangout on campus, spend time with their friends, and relax. Further details about the schedule can be found in the Summer section of our website.

SMCHS Summer takes great care in hiring teachers and coaches for the summer. The vast majority of teachers and coaches work at St. Monica during the school year. They are full and part time teachers, coaches who are eager to share their expertise with summer students. When a faculty member is hired for the summer only, that candidate is vetted by the same rigorous process as academic year faculty.