St. Monica Catholic High School

Mariners Host TACSC Leadership Day

St. Monica Catholic High School recently hosted a TACSC Student Leadership Day. TACSC (The Association of Catholic Student Councils) is a national Catholic youth leadership development and training organization. The goal of this program is to inspire 5th, 6th, and 7th graders to tap and grow their creative leadership potential, develop some basic leadership skills, and become more effective leaders in the classroom, school, home, and community.

Over 150 students from St. Mark, St. Martin of Tours, Good Shepherd, and St. Monica middle schools were on the St. Monica campus for a full day of leadership training. Earlier in the year, the student leaders from St. Monica Catholic High School participated in the TACSC leadership program. These students presented the workshop for the middle school students in collaboration with the TACSC Leadership team. The high school students led the participants through leadership workshops to develop skills that will be used to lead school governments, clubs, and organizations.

Students learned patience, saw the benefit of preparation, and experienced the need to work in cooperation with each other. The students will take these skills and use them in their schools both inside and outside of the classroom. Mr. Blake Dirickson, Director of Student Activities, shared, “I was enthused to witness our students put their Catholic education and values into action. We have a spirited group of young leaders who were able to share their knowledge with these younger leaders. We hope to grow this program by connecting with more schools in the future.”

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