Honors Assembly Celebrates Mariners' Commitment to Academics & Character

The SMCHS student body met for the Fall Honors Assembly on Tuesday, September 6. In addition to the presentation of first and second honors to the students, this event also acknowledged citizenship award recipients and served as the installation of students into the National Honor Society. The purpose of the National Honor Society is to encourage scholarship, to increase the desire to serve, to strengthen leadership, and to enhance character. Requirements for membership come from recommendations in five areas: scholarship, service, leadership, character, and citizenship. 

At each Honors Assembly, a keynote speaker shares some of his/her own history and path to success. This year, Carlos Hurtado from the SMCHS Class of 1998 spoke to the students. Carlos is a graduate of Loyola Marymount University who majored in film. He spoke about the fact that while he was very successful in film at LMU, career success did not come easy for him at the beginning and that he even stopped working in film for a while after his graduation to help with his family's business. Realizing that film was his passion, however, he eventually found his way back to that field and is now an accomplished writer, director and producer.   He also spoke very genuinely about how his family keeps him grounded and makes him the best person he can be. Hurtado encouraged the students to discover and follow their passion so one day they can possibly inspire and shape someone else’s future. President Thom Gasper shared, “it was great having Carlos speak to our students. His great presence and authentic voice resonated with many of them.”

The members of the freshman class used this opportunity to vote for class officers and participate in a follow-up to the deans' assembly they attended the first week of school. This provided the opportunity to discuss two topics current with students today – digital reputations and cyber-bullying. All students heard valuable advice for use during the school year. The freshmen will participate in the Spring Honors Assembly, whose awards are based on performance during the Fall 2016 semester.  

Diane Mayer, Director of Alumni Relations


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