New at SMCHS: Fan Fridays and SUPERfan Fridays

During the Leadership Summit back in January, students came up with some great initiatives to highlight student achievement and drive school spirit. One of these initiatives was wearing club, team and organization tops more often to showcase the myriad activities our students are involved in. Out of that desire came "Fan Fridays", when students can wear any green, white or gold SMCHS tops. For the rest of the Spring, every Friday will be a "Fan Friday", along with some lunchtime activities and music to make the day festive.  
Last week we honored our Academic Decathlon team, who returned from Bishop Alemany with 14 team medals. We also gave a shout-out to Ms. Diamant for leading the team through her tenacious dedication. Every Fan Friday, we'll be giving a similar recognition to clubs, teams and organizations who have recently done something remarkable. Some recipients will also receive a prize - a "Spirit Tee" - to wear at games, events, and upcoming Fan Fridays.
Frank Cruz, our AD, suggested another wrinkle to the Fan Friday initiative - "SUPERfan Friday". If the student body reaches a certain benchmark in attendance for a game or performance, the subsequent Friday will be a free dress day for all students. Last week he challenged the students to come to the Girls Basketball Senior Night dressed in green. If 175 of them showed up, they would receive free dress that Friday. We came really close with 120 students (and that was with a quarter of the seniors on a Kairos retreat that week). It was a great game, with tons of energy. Let's keep it up, Mariners!
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