Juniors receive class rings in annual rite of passage

"This is one of the first steps that marks your journey into the last year of high school," said Monsignor Torgerson, moments before he blessed the junior class rings during the annual Junior Class Ring Ceremony and Mass on Monday night. "However, I want you to see and feel the power of this moment right here." In a ceremony that holds a unique place in high schools across America, the St. Monica High School junior class received its class rings, to be proudly worn for years to come.
President Thom Gasper likened the rings to tokens of commitment and love for one's school, and an acknowledgment of the growth that takes place during these special four years. "I don't always wear my class ring, but when I do, it gives me a sense of where I came from and what I went through in those formative years. It gives me a boost of confidence." 
Juniors, parents and family friends gathered to celebrate mass and come together in the Grand Pavilion for refreshments and pictures afterwards. The event was beautifully organized by the sophomore class council, who every year host this occasion for the juniors.
Several in attendance were moved by the display of school unity. Caden H. said, "The song choice was nice because it reflected who were are as class.... This [ceremony] was cool because even though we had the junior retreats, that was still two separate groups. It was nice to have the whole class together." 
Ilya C. enjoyed the homily and talk after mass. "It was what we needed to hear...it was nice to have our parents and families share that experience with us." 
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