SMCHS hosts Leadership Summit for students

St. Monica High School student leaders gathered after school last week for several hours of leadership and communication training. It was an interactive and hands-on exercise designed to push participants out of their comfort zones. Activities included the building of a lego structure without instructions, with groups divided into "builders", "runners" and "lookers". One group successfully constructed a flower-shaped design after several attempts. Aidan C., a freshman, said, "It was most difficult trying to communicate instructions that would be simple and easy to understand for the builder. It really taught me to be concise and confident with my words." 
Following the lego exercise, the students took a quiz that determined their leadership and communication style. Some were outgoing "Type A" leaders while others were better listeners and more apt to praise others than themselves. The takeaways were plentiful, with some of the most important being how to communicate differently to different members of your team, to how to better advocate for yourself as a leader. 
Kailey P., a senior, said that before the event, she was skeptical. "Sometimes you never know what you're going to get from a leadership workshop. Three hours seemed like a long time. However, this was definitely worth my time. I really appreciated the insights and the new things I learned about myself. I would do it again in a heartbeat."
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