Last Talent Tuesday of 2015 a bittersweet yet spirited tribute to a New Year and new traditions

When Coach Drew Shaw stepped up to the microphone during Thursday's Talent Tuesday (we know - it's complicated), a slow burn of excitement started to build throughout the yard. His reputation as a talented singer preceded him, but few had actually heard it in person. Flanked by notable senior singers Trinity G. and Courtney R., Shaw belted out the first notes of Silent Night. But the crowd was anything but silent.

With Coach Shaw's announcement last week that he would be leaving St. Monica after this semester to spend time with his ailing brother still on the minds of many students, this performance transformed from a fun duet to a poignant reminder of what he means to the St. Monica community. The students, especially the football players in attendance, didn't let Shaw out of the door without some good-natured ribbing, as he would have wanted, of course. 

In addition to the surprise performance by Coach Shaw, another crowd favorite is starting to emerge as a Mariner tradition - the "dance stylings of Cody M." as Mrs. Nuno likes to put it. Freshman Cody M. wowed the crowd once again with a dance number to a Christmas dubstep song. At times flipping through the air and sweeping his leg in a circle, Cody put everything he had into the act, and the crowd responded. 

Rounding out the acts was a performance of "Baby It's Cold Outside," by junior Max M, an original Christmas song by freshman Grace G., and junior Madison K.'s rendition of "O Holy Night". 
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