Student clubs get fellow Mariners into the Halloween spirit

Despite the coastal sunshine and temperatures in the 80s, it is beginning to feel a lot like Fall here on the St. Monica campus. The Fashion Club, led by president Mollie M., and the Writer's Circle, led by president Juan Pablo R., put on Halloween-themed activities during lunch. It was a perfect opportunity for our gifted Mariners to showcase their creativity, sense of humor, and English acumen.

First was a costume contest put on by the Fashion Club. Two faculty judges graded participants based on categories of "sweet, clever, scary, or funny". The winner of the "clever" category was a group of students who dressed up as the cast of "Alice in Wonderland". Another crowd favorite was a freshman, Jonah P., who dressed up like Doug, the dog from "Up", complete with a "cone of shame" around his neck. 

Meanwhile, the Writer's Circle set up a table for students to write their best Halloween Haiku. If you remember the rules, a haiku must be three lines, with 5 syllables in the first line, 7 in the next, and 5 again in the last line. All participants got a piece of candy for participation. We're excited to see what everyone wrote! Or, rather: 

Today we had fun
Writing about Halloween
Thanks, Writer's Circle!
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