Club Fair showcases student groups both familiar and new

There are clubs that will be around for time eternal - Habitat for Humanity, BCS, Key Club to name a few. But then there are those who many will be paying attention to this year to see if they have the stamina to gain traction in the student community, like "Survival 101" and "Cooking for Charity". At Tuesday's annual Club Fair, over 15 student-led clubs showcased, advertised and successfully pitched to the St. Monica student body in order to attract new members.  

Daniel L., the president of Animation Club, was candid about the importance of Club Fair. "You have to get them as freshmen, so the club has a solid four years to work with them. This is all about building for the future." Daniel and his fellow reps joked that they should start handing out candy as a "motivation" for joining the club. For many clubs, even the old ones, student membership is the lifeblood for success. Each month, every club meets at least twice and has to submit a roster along with the meeting minutes in order to keep their charter alive. More importantly, each club must plan and execute a service project in line with the club's mission. For the aforementioned Animation Club, that can be a challenge, while some clubs, like Habitat for Humanity, have an inherent service element built in to their activity. 

The mood on Tuesday was festive, with Talent Tuesday performers providing entertainment while various students snaked their way through the tables showcasing the clubs' goals and highlights. Bridget Nuno, Activities Director, was especially pleased with one of the performers, Cody M., who put on a dance performance to Adam Lambert's "Ghost Town".  "He got out there and gave it his all. I love how supportive and enthusiastic our students were." 

At the end of the year, we'll see which clubs finish the marathon and return to Club Fair next year. For some, the road ahead has been paved by those who came before. For others, it's going to be a year of forging new paths. 
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