Cross and Faith Sharing- Lenten Art Project 2022

Lent is a time for reflection and an opportunity to grow closer in our relationship with God. Each year, it has been tradition for our high school and elementary school to come together for a Lenten activity. Through these Lenten projects, our schools are able to unite as one family. During this year's Cross and Faith Sharing activity, Seahawks and Mariners discussed the significance of God's greatest gift to humanity, sending down his only son for forgiveness of our sins. 
Students had the opportunity to reflect on the Stations of the Cross through guided questions such as: "How can you help bring about justice for the poor and vulnerable in the world today?" and "What can you do to strengthen your faith in God on a daily basis?" Then, high school students helped elementary students construct and design their own crosses using clay, popsicle sticks, beads and seashells. Throughout the activity, students learned how to be disciples of Christ's love and a beacon of hope and light to others. The project culminated in high school and elementary families leading stations at Friday's Stations of the Cross at our parish.  
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