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Oh the Places We'll Go!!

St. Monica Catholic Schools President, Dr. Kevin McCardle, is missing our students, but looks forward to everyone being back together on our campus! See this week's Featured Video on the front page of the website.
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Check out our featured video "My Quaranted Life"

During Spring Break, St. Monica students participated in a variety of "just for fun" electives put on by St. Monica staff and community. This video, created by Senior Adrian R. was part of the "Time Capsule Filmmaking" class taught by Mr. James Gallo. Adrian also helped run the class and Mr. Gallo recruited several guest speakers to share their expertise as well. Video can be found on the front page of the website.
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A Note from a Mariner Parent

I'm so impressed with SMCHS's technology during this time of Distance Learning and how well prepared School Admin and Teachers are once stay at home order was implemented by our Governor. Academics has not skipped a beat and even continued participation with the extracurricular things. This has been an amazing 1st year experience for me as a parent and words cannot begin to express my gratitude for the blessing of Troi being a student at SMCHS.
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Parent Teacher Conferences

It is that time of year to meet with your student’s teachers before the 3rd quarter is over. Parent-Teacher Conference is next Thursday, February 13, 2020, from 2 pm to 5 pm and 6:05 pm to 8 pm.
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