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Life Doesn't Frighten Me: Read by Kevin McCardle - featured video

Poetry is integral to the literature education at St. Monica Catholic Schools, from TK through 12th grade. Poetry speaks incisively to our hearts. It has the capacity to capture complex situations and distill them into digestible bits. It has the capacity to shine a bright light in hidden corners. It has the capacity to capture complex emotions and help us to understand them.

One of the complex emotions running a current through the country right now is fear: of the pandemic, of fires, of systemic racism, of electoral and economic upheaval. As Monsignor reminded the students and their families in his homilies for the Masses we have been celebrating in the evenings on the yard, God is with us every step of the way; we need not be afraid.

It seemed fitting then that this week we offer up a poem by Maya Angelou about the lack of fear, with thanks to Rob and Laura Pritts.

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SMASH 2020

Virtual SMASH 2020 is Saturday, May 30. See our featured video as to why this event is so important to the St. Monica Catholic Community.
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